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We have whole and half farm raised beef for sale.
  Please call or text Chris at 573-214-1813 for more information. 

Are you looking for meat bundles...
call us today and give us your price range and we can set you up with beef, pork and chicken. 

Get a bundle made that works for you.

Call the shop at 573-657-2501 or
            Chris at 573-214-1813


Busy times at Crane's Meat Processing LLC. 
The nephews are out of college for the summer so that means more hands on deck. 
So what do we do.....process more animals.  Our schedule is full and we love it. 
Thank you to all our amazing customers and remember if you need eggs, sausage or bacon for your summertime breakfast, or maybe you are looking for pork steaks or a beef brisket for BBQ season, we got you covered.   
Open M-F 9am til 5pm   

Now Selling -


$2.00 Dozen

Jack Crane and Mason Hudson Skinning deer

Owner and man that keeps this business going, Bill Crane.

Linda Crane - owner and lady who keeps us all in line and makes sure "John doesn't spend to much money on new shop toys" :-) .

Christina Crane-Hudson and John Crane at the MAMP convention...big sisters team won this contest.  

Mason Hudson - 6 year old grandson


Chris' pride and joy.....our first RETAIL freezer


Call or Text Chris at


Email us anytime at -

farm to table.jpg

Justin Hudson and Sarah Johnson working hard at packaging Deer Summer Sausage


Jeremiah Crane Packaging Smoked Pork Bacon

3 Generations of meat cutters right there (Jack - John - Bill Crane)  processing deer

Bill's Baby Sitter - Sue Martin.  The lady that comes at anytime to help us out of a pinch.

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